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About Us

Who We Are

Velocity Spark Network is a premier global web solutions and services provider. We were officially formed in 2000 as a result of a merger of a few small online based businesses with the intention to centralize its marketing efforts and expand the range of products and services. The mission was to provide online based solutions to businesses and customers at attractive prices to beat competitors that Velocity Spark Network believes were overcharging customers. Velocity Spark Network did not intend to be an alternative but to be the number 1 choice of customers.

Our People

Our commitment is only as strong as the people that deliver it. Velocity Spark Network employs the best and brightest in the fields of web hosting technology, e-commerce, e-mail and e-marketing services.

What We Do

Velocity Spark Network offers a diverse range of web based products and services from web hosting, e-commerce, e-mail, content management, telecommunications, internet access, community sites, web development and consultations. Our business methods have allowed us to develop ourselves and earn recognition at a fast pace in the industries we are involve in.

Velocity Spark Network prides itself in doing things differently from other business and that is the main reason why Velocity Spark Network stands out. It is true that Velocity Spark Network is involved in a lot of types of industry and businesses. However, Velocity Spark Network goes through great lengths before deciding on what business to venture in. Velocity Spark Network would never sell a product or service that will never be used by the company itself.